Edge 13 Thermo



The Edge 13 thermo formed kayak has an eye-pleasing sport car-like deck profile that you won’t feel lost inside. It boasts a bundle of features that would make any sea kayak blush with envy. Of particular importance is the light weight construction meant to be durable while retaining that fiberglass-like kayak feeling. The Edge 13 Thermo hull has immense primary and secondary stability, allowing paddlers to enjoy a comfortable and predictable paddle outing.

Bow & Stern storage hatches & bulkheads
Track-rite Skeg System
Comfort Flex 4 Seat & Outfitting
Self rescue safety straps

Length 12’11” (3.94m)
Width 25” (64cm)
Weight 17.1 ( 37.7 lbs) / 21.3 kg ( 52 lbs)
Max Displacement 300 lbs (136 kg)
Inner Cockpit size inches (cm) 34.3×18.1” ( 87×46 cm)
Outer Cockpit size inches (cm) 37.4×20.9” (95 x 53 cm)
Cockpit Height (cm) NA
Béluga Skirt size 2X-Large
Ideal paddler size 190 lbs