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Boat Rental

Rental Rates:

Prices are subject to HST.

1 hour2 hours4 hoursDailyWeeklySelf Guided Tour (per person)
Single Kayak$25.00$40.00$60.00$85.00$250.00$50.00
Double Kayak$40.00$60.00$80.00$105.00$290.00$50.00
Pedal Boat$40.00$60.00$80.00$105.00$290.00$50.00

Family Fun Rentals:

Try out any and all of our boats including kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, Corcl’s, the water bicycle, the Wig-wag and peddle boats, $25/hour adult, $15/hour youth, pre-school free

Indian Bridge Paddle:

Beautiful 2-hour paddle starting at Indian Bridge and ending at the Leo Rossiter Park in Morell. Self-directed or tours available; shuttle service to Indian Bridge from Rossiter Park included.

We also offer:

  • Several other paddle destinations self-directed or tour
  • Inflatable paddle boards for easily taking with you anywhere you want to go

Hours and Locations:

July 01st until September 5th, 10:00am-6:00pm at the Rossiter Park on Riverside Drive in Morell.

Off Season: By appointment from our St Peters Location (5817 St Peters Rd).

Fill out the form below to request a rental, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

To make the rental process faster, please download and fill out and sign the Rental Agreement form below and attach it when submitting the request, then we can get you out on the water faster when you arrive. If you prefer, you can download and sign the form and bring it along with you:

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