Swagman Contour folding J Racks



The Swagman 65140 Contour Folding Saddle is a j-style kayak carrier designed to carry one kayak on its side. The advantage of using a j-style carrier is that they take up less space on the roof of your vehicle giving you the ability to carry more items on the roof of your vehicle such as additional kayaks, bikes, or even a cargo box.

The Swagman Contour also has the ability to fold down when not in use, which serves multiple purposes. The first advantage is folding down the kayak carriers gives you the ability to get into places with lower clearance such as parkades or garages. This also increases the aerodynamics of your system as the kayak carrier will create less wind drag providing better fuel efficiency. The last advantage is if you are loading multiple kayaks its significantly easier if you can fold down your outside saddles to load the inner kayak carrier.

In order to make the Swagman Contour easier to use it has been outfitted with universal hardware, giving you the ability to mount it onto either your factory rack or an after market cross bar system. Lastly in order to make sure you have everything you need included with the Contour it comes with cam buckle straps to tie your kayak down side to side along with bow and stern straps to tie your boat down front to back.



  • Universal hardware designed to fit Yakima round bars, Thule square bars and factory up to 2.5 inch oval factory cross bars. If your bars happen to be slightly thicker additional bolts are included giving you the ability to fit bars with a larger diameter
  • Includes two tie down straps with padded cam lock buckles giving the ability to tie your kayak down side to side, plus bow and stern straps to tie your boat down front to back
  • Folds down flat while not in use making it easier to fit into a garages or parkades, also in the folded position the kayak carrier is going to create less wind drag making it more fuel efficient. If your looking at carrying multiple kayaks on the roof having the fact that you can fold the outside kayak carrier makes it significantly easier to load the inside kayak carrier